About Me

Discovering My Creative Journey

Hi, I’m Nelly Mafi, an interaction designer specializing in UX/UI design, based in Vancouver.

With a bachelor’s degree in Interaction Design, I am passionate about creating exceptional user experiences and designing aesthetically pleasing digital products.

Designing with Empathy and Innovation

My design approach is centered around empathy, collaboration, and staying up to date with modern and futuristic design solutions.

From wireframing and prototyping to user research and information architecture, I bring a strong foundation in user-centered design principles and methodologies.

Emerging Design and Technology

In addition to my expertise in UX/UI design, I have proficiency in 2D/3D game design and development. I integrate programming code and graphical design to create interactive solutions that engage users. With a keen attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and a dedication to user-centric solutions, I am committed to delivering intuitive and engaging digital experiences.

Interaction Design
UX Design
UI Design
Front-End Development
Graphic Design
Game Design
2D/3D Animation