Welcome to WE CARE:
Transforming Healthcare through Personalization

WE CARE is an innovative healthcare system created with the principles of P4 medicine in mind – personalized, preventive, predictive, and participatory. Our advanced software leverages genetic data to deliver personalized recommendations and optimize patient outcomes. Designed with a user-centric approach, our app empowers patients to set and track health goals, receive medication reminders, and monitor their progress effortlessly. By integrating genetic information and other health data, our app offers tailored recommendations that empower patients in their healthcare decisions. Furthermore, the app fosters communication and collaboration among linked care members, creating a comprehensive support network for improved health outcomes. With WE CARE, we aim to transform healthcare by harnessing the power of genetic insights and empowering patients to take control of their health journeys.

WE CARE, my graduation project, represents the culmination of two semesters of dedicated work and passion. I am proud to share that this project was honored with the prestigious ECU Health Design Award for Service, recognizing its significant contributions to the field of healthcare. In addition, WE CARE was showcased in both an online exhibition website and a captivating campus exhibition at Emily Carr University. You can explore the online exhibition here.

Problem Definition

The healthcare industry has traditionally followed a one-size-fits-all approach, lacking personalization and often focusing on treating diseases rather than preventing them. Patients face challenges in understanding their own health risks and making informed decisions about their well-being. Additionally, healthcare researchers struggle with complex data analysis and limited tools for in-depth genetic research. These challenges highlight the need for a comprehensive and personalized healthcare solution that integrates genetic insights and empowers individuals to proactively manage their health.

Solution Overview

WE CARE offers a comprehensive software and app solution designed to offer a revolutionary healthcare system that addresses the challenges of personalized care and empowers individuals to proactively manage their health. Our software and app leverage genetic insights, integrate health data, and facilitate collaboration for improved health outcomes. The software, tailored for scientists and researchers, facilitates genetic analysis, visualization of genomic data, disease pathway exploration, and drug discovery. The mobile app, designed for patients, enables personalized health tracking, goal setting, medication reminders, and collaborative features for communication among linked care members.


The development of WE CARE followed an iterative and user-centered design process. Extensive research in genetic analysis, data integration, and interaction design informed the development of intuitive and user-friendly prototypes. Incorporating user feedback and adhering to industry best practices ensured the optimal implementation of features that prioritize user needs and enhance engagement. The principles of P4 medicine (personalized, preventive, predictive, and participatory) guided the development of WE CARE, empowering individuals to take control of their health journeys.


During the development process, WE CARE encountered and addressed several challenges, including personalization, user experience, collaboration and communication, and scientific research, lack of GUI in bioinformatics, speculative nature of digital twin, data integration, privacy and security, ethical considerations, scalability and integration. These challenges were addressed through a combination of innovative design solutions, user testing, and collaboration with field experts.

Personalization: Creating a healthcare system that aims to meet individual needs and preferences, taking into account genetic data and other health metrics.

User Experience: Designing an intuitive and user-friendly app that is accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical proficiency and fosters engagement and motivation.

Collaboration and Communication: Facilitating effective communication and collaboration among patients, their families, and healthcare providers to create a comprehensive support network.

Scientific Research: Empowering scientists and researchers with advanced tools and an ease of workflow for genetic analysis, disease pathway exploration, and drug discovery.

Lack of GUI in Bioinformatics: Recognizing the lack of user-friendly graphical user interfaces (GUI) in bioinformatics tools and addressing this challenge by developing intuitive and accessible interfaces for genetic analysis and research.

Speculative Nature of Digital Twin: Exploring the innovative concept of a digital twin for personalized healthcare, which involves creating a virtual replica of an individual to monitor health, predict outcomes, and provide personalized recommendations. While this concept is speculative, it holds significant potential for revolutionizing healthcare.

Data Integration: Seamlessly integrating genetic information, wearable device data, and other health records to provide a holistic view of a patient’s health profile.

Privacy and Security: Addressing concerns related to the protection of sensitive genetic and health data, implementing robust security measures, and ensuring compliance with relevant privacy regulations.

Ethical Considerations: Navigating ethical considerations associated with the use of genetic information, including informed consent, data ownership, and potential implications for individuals and their families.

Scalability and Integration: Designing the system in a way that allows for scalability, integration with existing healthcare infrastructure, and interoperability with other healthcare systems and databases.

Results and Outcomes

While WE CARE is a speculative project, the prototypes demonstrate the potential benefits of personalized healthcare and patient empowerment. The software and app prototypes showcase the ability to provide personalized recommendations, track health goals, facilitate communication among linked care members, and leverage genetic insights for informed decision-making. The software demonstrates the ability to analyze genetic data, explore disease pathways, and facilitate drug discovery. The app prototypes illustrate personalized health tracking, goal setting, and collaborative features for improved patient engagement and outcomes. The project highlights the potential of seamless data integration, user-friendly interfaces, and collaborative features to transform the healthcare experience.

WE CARE Desktop Software for Scientists

Introducing WE CARE desktop software, a revolutionary platform that combines cutting-edge DNA analysis and data-driven digital twin technology to provide personalized insights into health. Trusted by scientists and researchers, our software is transforming the healthcare by empowering proactive and personalized approaches to patient care. With our comprehensive platform, scientists and researchers can unlock the power of DNA to gain a deep understanding of patients’ health and genetic data. The software enables computer-based studies and analysis, allowing users to perform advanced research and take proactive steps towards improving patient health outcomes. At WE CARE, we are committed to revolutionizing healthcare by harnessing the potential of genetic data and empowering personalized and proactive healthcare strategies.

Efficient Sequence File Management: “File Explorer” Page

Simplify the process of importing and managing patient sequence files for alignment with our user-friendly software’s “File explorer” feature. This powerful tool empowers scientists by providing an intuitive interface to organize and work with genetic data efficiently.

Streamlined Genetic Research Workflow: “Visual Scripting” Page

Unlock the potential of efficient genetic research with WE CARE’s “Visual Scripting” feature. This cutting-edge tool optimizes the research workflow by simplifying the data pre-processing stage for aligning sequence files to a reference genome. With its intuitive interface, researchers can effortlessly navigate and execute complex data pre-processing tasks, enhancing efficiency and accelerating genetic research.

Mutation Detection and Variant Analysis: “Genome Viewer” Page

Experience the power “Genome Viewer” feature, where mutations can be effortlessly detected and variant calls analyzed. Gain valuable insights by visualizing reads against the reference genome and initiate precise variant calling. This user-friendly tool empowers researchers with a comprehensive view of genetic variations, facilitating accurate analysis and interpretation of genomic data. With the genome viewer, researchers can make informed decisions and drive new discoveries in the field of genetic research.

Unveiling Genetic Predispositions: “Predisposition Analysis” Page

Uncover the intricate connections between genetic variations and disease risks with “Predisposition Analysis” feature. On the dedicated page, researchers can apply detected variants to the patient’s digital twin, unraveling valuable insights into individual genetic predispositions. By exploring the correlations between genetic variations and disease outcomes, this powerful tool empowers researchers to gain a deeper understanding of individual health profiles. 

At WE CARE, a future is envisioned where in silico (computer modeling) studies reshape the landscape of genetic research. The platform embraces the possibilities of computer-based analyses, allowing researchers to apply detected variants to virtual replicas of patients, known as digital twins. Explore the dynamic interplay between genetic factors and disease outcomes, unveiling a deeper understanding of personalized healthcare.

Revealing the Connections: “Disease Pathway Viewer” Page

Unlock the complexity of disease pathways with our innovative force-directed graph visualization on the dedicated “Disease pathway viewer” page. This powerful tool empowers scientists to identify and explore the intricate networks and interactions associated with detected variants, shedding light on the underlying mechanisms of disease. By unraveling these disease pathways, researchers can gain valuable insights into the molecular processes and potential therapeutic targets, paving the way for more targeted and effective interventions.

Revolutionizing Drug Discovery: “Drug Study” Page

Experience the frontier of computer-based drug studies with the speculative yet promising “Drug Study” feature. Harness the power of 3D visualization and simulation engine as drugs are tested on a patient’s digital twin, offering insights into efficacy and safety prior to administration. This innovative approach, informed by ongoing research, revolutionizes the discovery of life-saving therapies.

Advanced DNA testing and disease pathway analysis inform the digital twin’s simulation of drug impact. Valuable insights into potential side effects, drug interactions, and therapeutic outcomes empower informed decisions in drug development. By leveraging the capabilities of digital twins, a new era of accelerated and personalized drug discovery unfolds, promising improved patient outcomes.

Exploring the Potential of Genetic Analysis and Personalized Healthcare

The software prototypes of WE CARE have showcased the potential of genetic analysis, disease pathway exploration, and drug discovery. Scientists have been empowered by the user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive tracking capabilities, and collaborative features, enabling them to delve deeper into genetic research and gain valuable insights into disease pathways and personalized treatment options. 

Looking ahead, it becomes apparent that as we advance towards the future of personalized healthcare, the need for sophisticated tools and technologies becomes increasingly crucial. The concepts of the digital twin and computer-based studies hold immense promise, but their realization requires the development of robust and scalable tools to support these innovative approaches. By investing in the creation of such tools, we can pave the way for a future where personalized healthcare strategies are more effectively explored and implemented, ultimately revolutionizing patient care and treatment outcomes.

WE CARE Mobile App for Patients

Introducing the WE CARE mobile app, a comprehensive and personalized healthcare tool designed to empower patients on their wellness journey. With the WE CARE software results, the app leverages DNA data analysis and integrates with wearable devices to provide valuable insights into users’ health. Patients can set goals, track their progress, and receive personalized recommendations based on their health metrics and genetic information. The user-friendly interface ensures effortless management and input of their health data, while granting access to educational resources and keeping users informed about significant changes. Foster collaboration and support by sharing data with trusted linked care members and receiving timely notifications for abnormal health indicators. Discover a new level of personalized care with the WE CARE app.

Exploring the Potential of Genetic Analysis and Personalized Healthcare

The power of the WE CARE app can be experienced as users take charge of their well-being. Three main pages, tailored to users’ needs, are accessible through the navigation bar. The “Home” page allows for personalized health journeys, with effortless progress tracking and activity monitoring. On the “Goals” page, health objectives can be set and monitored with ease. The “Profile” page enables management of personal data and sharing permissions. With the WE CARE app, users are provided with essential tools to transform their health and embrace a better lifestyle.

Enhancing Health Management: Exploring the “Home” Page

The “Home” page of the app features four essential sections: “Today’s Activities,” “My Metrics,” “Highlights,” and “Education Hub.” In “Today’s Activities,” health goals and activities can be tracked and marked as completed. Users can manually input data or sync with wearable devices, unlocking personalized analysis and progress tracking. The “My Metrics” section showcases vital signs captured by their smartwatch, providing a comprehensive view aligned with their goals. Valuable insights and motivation can be discovered through the “Highlights” section, which highlights meaningful changes in health data. The “Education Hub” serves as a resource library, covering a wide range of health topics. The home page of the app focuses on engagement, tracking, and education, empowering users on their journey towards effective health management.

Empowering Health Monitoring: Personalize “My Metrics” Feature

On the app’s “Home” page, the “My Metrics” section allows for customization of the display of health data. By personalizing metrics such as medication management, physical activity tracking, sleep analysis, and heart rate monitoring, individuals actively engage in taking charge of their well-being. The journey of health monitoring is simplified with the WE CARE app, providing essential tools for tracking and improving overall health.

Personalize Your Health Journey: “Goals” Page

Personalized health goals can be set and achieved on the “Goals” page, which can be accessed through the navigation bar. This section enables users to establish customized goals and track their progress. Valuable insights, progress summaries, and motivation are provided as individuals work towards their objectives. Goals can be set in various categories such as medication adherence, physical activity, diet and nutrition, weight management, stress management, and sleep, aligning with their well-being. The app’s smart assistant utilizes their data, including DNA information from the WE CARE software and health metrics from their connected smartwatch, to offer personalized recommendations and guidance. Users can specify goal details, set target dates, and receive helpful reminders, supporting their journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. It is important to note that the app’s smart assistant offers general recommendations based on user data. For specific medical advice, patients should consult their healthcare provider, as individual needs may vary.

Empower Your Health Data Management: The “Profile” Page

Enhance control over health data with the “Profile” page accessible through the navigation bar, this feature allows for management of account information, update personal details, and access vital medical data, including information provided by healthcare providers.

Collaborate and support each other are prioritized as trusted members can be added to the care team, enabling sharing of real-time health data gathered from wearable devices. For example, notifications for abnormal health indicators can be sent to patients and their trusted linked care members, fostering collaboration, support, and timely intervention. Together, patients and their trusted care members embark on a shared responsibility in their healthcare journey, ensuring everyone remains informed, empowered, and actively involved in the pursuit of optimal well-being.

Transforming Health Management

With the WE CARE app, users gain control over their health data, track their progress, and set personalized goals. The app’s interface, comprehensive tracking capabilities, and collaborative features empower individuals to actively manage their well-being. From personalized health journeys to goal setting, the app provides essential tools for improving overall health. By embracing the power of technology and personalized healthcare strategies, the WE CARE app revolutionizes the way patients engage in their own healthcare, fostering a healthier and happier lifestyle.


WE CARE offers a transformative approach to personalized healthcare by harnessing the power of DNA analysis, data-driven digital twin technology, and seamless integration with wearable devices. Patients gain valuable insights into their health, make informed decisions, and actively manage their well-being. Scientists and researchers benefit from features such as visual scripting, genome viewer, predisposition analysis, disease pathway viewer, and drug study for advancing genetic research and drug discovery.

WE CARE aims to address the challenges of personalized healthcare, empower individuals to proactively manage their health, and revolutionize the healthcare experience. Through innovative design and integration of genetic insights, the project envisions a future where individuals actively participate in their healthcare decisions and achieve better health outcomes. While currently in the prototype stage, WE CARE showcases the possibilities of leveraging genetic data and user-centric design principles. We hope that WE CARE sparks conversations and inspires further exploration in personalized healthcare to improve patient care and well-being.